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Are you familiar with the phrase about how what others think of you is none of your business? Yeah, me too.

I have actually gotten to a place where I am able to now catch myself in the moment with this. I recognize me when I’m in my desire to know what this person in front of me is thinking of me. Me, me, me. And I smile at myself for being human, then remember to let that sh*t go. The me melts back into the we.


Do you sometimes find yourself already aware of what the other person thinks of you? And it’s, well, less than awesome? Yeah, me too.

And I find myself invested in correcting their perception of me, being understood, and achieving like-mindedness.

And then, I recently learned this:

You are not required to rescue anyone from the conflicted feelings they have in response to their perception of you.

Matt Kahn

Whoa. Holy wow.

I’m now recognizing that when I do this, it is me in my deisre of me in this situation to control the other person’s perception of me. Me me me.

And in this next-level understanding of myself, I’m learning to smile at being human, and then let that sh*t go. The me melts back into the we.

We can stop trying to be so…helpful.

And we can just be.

Oh, okay.

You be you,

I’ll be me,

and there’s no problem.

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