nunya biz, next level

Are you familiar with the phrase about how what others think of you is none of your business? Yeah, me too. I have actually gotten to a place where I am able to now catch myself in the moment with this. I recognize me when I’m in my desire to know what this person in […]

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Welcome to the dark side. It’s on the back of the light side.

In Matt Kahn’s book Everything is Here to Help You, I read the idea that our ego is “the soul in its most dormant phase of expansion.” This opened the door for me to consider that my ego is not something to fight, overcome, or battle. It’s actually a piece of my soul in its baby […]

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Self-Compassion, Leveled Up

I heard a description of self-compassion the other day that changed my world. My entire body melted in resonance, even as my mind kept moving ahead. This incongruent body response was so profound, I thought I better pay attention. Self-compassion is the ability to be easy with yourself, no matter what is going on in  […]

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