Welcome to the dark side. It’s on the back of the light side.


In Matt Kahn’s book Everything is Here to Help You, I read the idea that our ego is “the soul in its most dormant phase of expansion.” This opened the door for me to consider that my ego is not something to fight, overcome, or battle.

It’s actually a piece of my soul in its baby stage. On the same journey of expansion, not in opposition to it. It’s just at a different point along the same path.

dark side cookies

This makes me feel a whole lot friendlier toward myself. More compassionate. Understanding. Kind.

Integrated, not thwarted.

oreo whole

Our soul’s purpose is why we are here. Our ego’s agenda is to protect us as we navigate being here. And in the shining light of our soul, our ego creates a shadow where we dump all the stuff that we don’t like about ourselves. Anything that’s not our ideal self.

Consider these possibilities:

I’m a great listener and completely understand you — and to show just how much I understand I will share my own experiences and thoughts; the conversation always seems to circle back to me.

I have visionary ideas  — and the hits just keep on coming; I don’t see things through.

I remain open to possibility — so I rarely decide anything; I am a victim to my life rather than a creator of it.

dark light switch

This is easier to identify in others:

Think of a thing you love the most about someone very close to you. If you look a little closer, you’ll see it’s that same thing in a different form that drives you the most nuts about them.

Yep, this applies to us, too:

Think of something about yourself that you love, appreciate, or value. What’s its shadow side?

The light, the dark, no difference on the path.

We’ll get there.

lantern path

dark path

lighted path

dark path 2

dark_side_by_bercley-d4iemyodark chocolate

book cover for 30 shamanic questions for humanity: from ego agenda to soul purpose...remembering the bigger picture. By Linda Star Wolf.


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