Our spiritual journey, and our soul journey.

stained glass church window

Think about your religious upbringing. Now look at your spiritual path throughout life. Finally, consider your current relationship with God.  (Don’t get hung up on how you — or others — name and describe that Divinity. You yourself likely have at least three names: first, middle, last. And if you ever updated your name with marriage(s), you’ve got even more! So let Him have a bunch of possible names She could go by!)

How has your spirituality and relationship with this Force changed?

I grew up with an organized religious structure. That external framework gave me a foundation of solid association with God. From there, I was able to cultivate and deepen my end of this relationship throughout the ups and downs in my life. Now I come from an internal connection, Spirit and I are one.

Redemption moved to joy in Being.

Forgiveness became there was never anything to forgive.

animal stained glass


External became internal. Group became individualized. Yet the external is what led to the internal, the group is what created the ability to then go personal. (Which I’ve also learned you can be, while with others!)

As we reflect on our own spiritual evolutionary paths, we see how what we came from has helped us shape where we are now. It’s the same with our soul journey: we don’t look back and berate our ego for its Old Patterns as we now sit so happily in our evolved and hard-won New Patterns. We are grateful for where we are now. Look how far we’ve come, together.

So what’s your soul journey story? How has where you’ve been influenced where you are now? Our

holding hands


book cover for 30 shamanic questions for humanity: from ego agenda to soul purpose...remembering the bigger picture. By Linda Star Wolf.



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