There’s a spider in my swimsuit

The other day I put my swimsuit on, to go sit in our new-to-us hot tub after a day of power washing the house in preparation for upcoming staining. I had one leg in, and was just putting my other foot through when a ginormous spider crawled out of my swimsuit and onto my hand.

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If You Allow It, It Will Come

Lately I feel a growing overwhelm. There are actual separate events, with time frames, in every realm of my life. Things are good — great, even. There’s just…a lot of it. All at once. It’s an abundance of abundance. And then I realize that this allowing thing not only works for my external successes, but my […]

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The Art (and Challenge) of Allowing

I notice that I’m expanding my perceptions as I move through the Triple Goddess archetype, the Maiden-Mother-Wise Woman cycle. In my current stage I allow for myself, whereas in my youth I used to “fix” myself. I stand in my truth, I have more compassion for me along the way, and I spend time with only those who let me be who I […]

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