Reverse engineering release

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I’m very familiar with the idea of release as a letting go, a surrender. It’s honestly a great practice for me. (As in, I practice again and again and again…) This form of emptying is to me an allowing, a necessary stopping of something on my part. IF I do this, THEN I’ll feel that.

However, today I just learned of an additional way to practice release in my life. And this one is an action verb. (Oh, the irony.) I had this big AHA through reverse engineering. I feel THIS, here is WHY, this is WHAT I can do.

Raising my energy, calling my power — and then not releasing it, is what causes me to feel stagnant, stuck, and overwhelmed.

When I am inspired, and then don’t act on that inspiration — stagnant.

When I receive clarity, and then don’t speak it — stuck.

When I say Yes to something and then don’t begin — overwhelmed.

I will still let go of trying to attain an outcome. I will still surrender to the process. While I take even the very smallest, next right action.

My energy is raised when I am inspired to try this new recipe — and I can pick a day to try it, and make the grocery list now.

I call my power when I realize that I prefer a different movie choice — and I can make a suggestion to my companion.

I collect my energy when I turn toward going through all of my clothes — and I can start with one drawer.

Gather my energy. Focus my intention. And then send it.

Releasing is not only emptying. It is also expressing.

Each makes space for something new.

Bigger, brighter, more aligned.

This, or something greater.

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