Beginnings, again

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A scratch upon the blackboard of the universe, that tiny sliver of moon.

Inspired by Stacy Demarco, Queen of the Moon Oracle Cards

We are gifted regularly with new beginnings, with fresh starts.

Major life transits come to mind. Say, graduating. From any program of study, whether high school, post-secondary anything, even personal pursuits of learning. Or, moving house. Whether across town, across the state, or across the nation. And, there’s also changing jobs. Regardless of being within the same company or field, or switching it up to something else entirely.

And now for something completely different....

There are also opportunities for new beginnings in times of other major life changes. Births and deaths not only describe actual life, but also acts of living: marriages and relationships, health situations, the path to self-love. We constantly gain and then release, in order to again gain and release anew.

Births and deaths not only describe actual life, but also acts of living.

There are also regular opportunities for new beginnings. Calendar years, birthdays, anniversary dates of important events.

We constantly welcome in the new and release the old, in a process of natural growth. The question is, how intentional are we about it?

What if we attended to this cycle on a monthly basis, like the moon? The birth of a new idea and a fresh start that expands into fullness, and then is gloriously expressed and makes space for our next new idea.

What if we considered this cycle on a daily basis? Beginning again with each sunrise, living each day with this sense of wonder and anticipation of how we can be in our lives, today. Just for today…

I am gifted with a new beginning and a fresh start.

Here waiting is a new chance. Here I get to renew my life. Here I am free enough to risk trying again.

And so are you.

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How can you intentionally start fresh today? Where would you like to begin again?

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