Leave it

Just for today, keep your vibration high no matter what is going on around you.

There you are, enjoying the company of yourself and your loved one. You ask a conversational question, and they unexpectedly snap at you. Whoa! What just happened here?!? What did you say, what did you do, to trigger this reaction?

But what if it really has nothing to do with anything you said or did? What if they are merely slogging through their own mental mire, and they happen to be unexpectedly spilling it onto you in this moment? (Because they’re human, and it happens.)

You were feeling great, right up until their negative mood reached out and bit you. And your natural reaction is to bite back, to set the record straight. And yet…

Don’t join them there.

Keep your own good-feeling vibration.

There is nothing to address. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing to clarify.

  • Just observe. “Oh, wow, they’re really having a tough time right now.”
  • Breathe. “Down to my belly. In, and out.”
  • Ground yourself. “I feel my feet, I’m connected to the Earth.
  • Open your heart. “I lift my shoulders back and down, and I send a beam of love from my heart to yours.”

And just leave it. Don’t engage. Stay elevated. Their mood will pass shortly, or it won’t. And yours will remain.

And, BONUS: in holding our own high vibration, it lovingly creates space for others to join us there. That’s not why we do it (self-care, not self-martyrdom!), but enjoy the beautiful effect it has on the whole.

Never lower your vibration to match those around you. Meet others where they are at, while maintaining your own frequency.

We would decide that my mood is my TOP PRIORITY!

I´m going to wear it as the badge I was born to wear.

My mood is going to be evident to everyone.

And the mood that I wish to impart, the mood that I wish to share, the mood that I wish to inspire, is the mood of POSITIVE EXPECTATION for me, and all that I see.


In what situations can you practice to simply Leave It, and keep your vibration high?

You’ve GOT this!

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