An Astonishing Way to Live

When my children were little and I would begin to introduce them to something new, I consistently got two different responses: “Yes! What is it?” “No. What is it?” Do you see yourself in either one of these?

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The Time Is Now

Do you have an idea, a project, or an endeavor that you’ve been hibernating with? Maybe you’re thinking about starting PiYo. Could be you’re looking at a particular job posting. Perhaps you’ve toyed with learning how to play the violin.  How about your desire for a more homestead-style living? And what about that book you’d like […]

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A Very Good Friend

When you are living end-stage pet hospice for the first time, you will wonder about making The Decision. Your friends who have experienced this will supportively assure you that you will know when it’s time, and great comfort is found in that. They lie. Go easy on them, they don’t mean to.  They mean it […]

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