Out, Out Darned Spot

I’ve been walking by these two products at a local home improvement store for the past couple weeks, and I can NOT stop chuckling:

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A Stunning Reminder of Trust and Faith

Male pine grosbeak in author's hand, with author's German Shepherd's snout touching bird's head.

THUNK! We get a lot of birds hitting our windows. Most of the impacts are gentle hiccups in otherwise continuing flight patterns. However, sometimes there’s an intensity to the sound that makes us fly out of our seats and immediately launch into Bird Rescue mode. And I had just heard it.

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Change Is Easy: Here’s A Fun Way to Begin.

Oh yikes, change. Talk about a loaded word. Change is good. Change is hard. I don’t wanna change. I really wish he/she would change. I’m ready for a change. Either way, change implies a separation. A gap between where I am here, and where I’m looking at over there. Crossing that distance can seem overwhelming. […]

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What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

A good vacation shakes up your routine. A great vacation reverberates into an upgraded internal routine upon your return. My amazing summer road trip with my hubby and dog was a really good vacation. It was wonderful to do some completely new things and to see some different sights together. We journeyed on a local […]

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Three Things that Make Life Awesome.

3 things I am grateful for from yesterday: Beautiful time spent with very dear friends. A hose and running water that made muddy-dog cleanup away from home effortless. Receiving a ten-year-in-the-making Aha! through incredible conversation with an amazing woman. Each one of these just makes life better. Thank you, and Amen. What are you grateful […]

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