What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

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A good vacation shakes up your routine. A great vacation reverberates into an upgraded internal routine upon your return.

My amazing summer road trip with my hubby and dog was a really good vacation. It was wonderful to do some completely new things and to see some different sights together.

Selfie of the author and her husband in the car, with their German Shepherd in the backseat.

4500 mile road trip

We journeyed on a local pizza quest through seven states. We visited six national parks. We traded talk radio for audio books. One day we climbed around on a mountain glacier and the next we crab fished at sea level. We explored area craft beers. We watched whales. We saw oyster beds. We followed a wine trail and brought offerings home. We stumbled onto a sacred medicine wheel site and said hello to marmots along the path. We played in massive sand dunes. We explored a war memorial that was an exact replica of Stonehenge. We connected with family. I visited a distance friend in person. We took extra time to get to our destinations and discovered more of ourselves and each other along the way. We navigated by the stars in our eyes. (Well okay, and also by Google.)

Picture of a marmot in the rocks taken by the author

Marmot tour guide

When I returned home, I discovered that I was no longer the same:


I gave up my step tracker; I now go by how my body feels.

I threw most of my makeup away; I now feel more beautiful wearing less.

I drastically culled my closet; one right article of clothing replaces five that almost are.

I let go of keeping up digitally; I enjoy the moment without managing the past.


I also learned some amazing things about myself:


I need less than I thought.

I want to cultivate my relationship with my adult children more.

I absolutely LOVE my:

  • Life
  • Husband
  • Adult kids
  • Extended family
  • Job
  • Home

I am already doing much of which I hope to someday do.

I can simultaneously lead and receive, be strong and soften.

I haven’t missed a thing in the absence of regular news media.

Every moment with a responsive being is an opportunity to grow together. (Dogs and husbands!) And that I can bring the best of my own self to these moments every day.

The author's husband and dog

10,600 acres of white quartz sand dunes.


I’m excited for my eventual next holiday, although I still marinate in my recent one. It’s becoming my bones. And that, I must say, is creating an incredible structure.

How about you — are you due for a vacation? Are you still soaking one in?


What ‘s on your horizon?

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