How Hairstyles Lead to Crab Fishing

hermit crab using a skull for a house, on

No, this isn’t an endless Google-search rabbit hole. (Although it could be — can anyone discover a link of six degrees from donating hair to crabbing?!? Bonus points if you can work in Kevin Bacon. Please share it in the comments!)

It is a discovery of how Life opens up when you begin to say Yes.

In stepping away from my decades-long tried-and-true hairstyle by donating my hair, I changed its style completely. I said Yes to letting go of safety that had become stagnant. I love my kicky new do, and I feel fabulous!

When I visited my brother on the Pacific Coast, he offered to take me crab fishing on his boat. I said Yes to being held in an experience that was utterly foreign to me. I loved allowing myself to relax and immerse, and our fresh-caught dinner was divine!

The author and her brother crab fishing on his boat.

When you say Yes to the Universe, you say Yes to yourself.

But be warned, this doesn’t mean you say Yes to everything. Still do a gut-check and/or a heart-check; it’s your brain that will either talk you into or out of the deal. I recently learned this with my eyebrow experience:

I was offered the gift of an eyebrow treatment while receiving another service. (Professional eyebrow care is not something I had ever considered before — clearly.)

In hindsight, my gut and my heart were not too thrilled about an in-the-moment eyebrow waxing and tinting. But my brain was so loud, and it knew the buttons to push.

  • “What a kind and generous offer! You wouldn’t want to offend by declining.”
  • “You said you wanted to learn to receive, right?”
  • “You know, you could be more spontaneous.”
  • “Didn’t you tell yourself that you are open to new experiences? Well?”

So I accepted the gift. And although my finished eyebrows were beautiful, I couldn’t see that. I only felt like I had tried too hard, and became incredibly less Me.

Groucho Marx

No, I did NOT look like this. But I kind of felt like it…

I know: eyebrows, right?!?

The thing is, in hearing only my brain I missed discernment. It’s not about my eyebrows. It’s not even about our shoulds, receiving, spontaneity, or any other buttons we may have created for ourselves to push.

It’s about saying Yes with discernment. With authenticity. With personal truth.

So how do you know when your Yes is the right Yes, a Yes to yourself? When you’re responding and opening rather than pushing and proving?

I can’t tell you that.

But your gut and your heart will.

heart shape of fire

Now to you: what have you said Yes to lately? Share in the comments below..

2 Comments on “How Hairstyles Lead to Crab Fishing”

  1. Thank you for your comments, Wendy! I’ve opened myself up to more Yes this year, and it’s been great to grow rather than be dormant. And, now I’m learning the next layer for myself: it’s beyond saying Yes, it’s learning the difference between a Yes that is in alignment, and a Yes that is just a Yes.

    The interesting thing is that until I opened up beyond my existing comfort, I didn’t know what would really be an expanded version of Me versus general expansion for its own sake. I’m glad I stopped keeping much out, but I don’t have to let everything in.

    So, did I simply level up to a NEW comfort zone…?!? Another turn on the spiral…!


  2. This post was so fun, and feels fabulous! I love where you said, “It’s about saying yes with discernment. With Authenticity. With personal truth.” So true. ❤ Thank you for sharing your light, love, and journey. It allows the rest of us to more fully and authentically embrace our own. ✨


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