Change Is Easy: Here’s A Fun Way to Begin.

Chameleon's tail, sacred geometry spiral, orange and green.

Oh yikes, change. Talk about a loaded word.

Change is good. Change is hard. I don’t wanna change. I really wish he/she would change. I’m ready for a change.

Either way, change implies a separation. A gap between where I am here, and where I’m looking at over there. Crossing that distance can seem overwhelming.

I don’t know about you, but I can get bogged down with even starting. And then I learned a new way to look at change:

It’s simply something new.

You are already enough, here. And there’s nothing wrong with you over there, It’s just relocation. Another turn on the spiral.

When I see change as simply something new, it becomes fun.

I don’t need to reorder my life, I can simply give something a whirl. I’m not required to create world peace, I can just try kayaking. Who knows where it will lead? It may lead nowhere, but getting there might be everything.

Trying something new — even something small — is a dynamic reminder that it’s never too late to change your life.

Here are some random small acts of trying new things. What else can you think of?

  • Go a different route to your regular errands.
  • Take a chance on a movie.
  • Turn off media background sounds.
  • Cook dinner. Or, order out. Whichever is out of your norm.
  • Go for a walk instead of ________.
  • Wear the article of clothing that is at the very bottom of your drawer.
  • Switch up your parking spot.

Here are some random medium acts of trying new things. What comes to your mind?

  • Sign up for a Community Education class.
  • Get an instrument and learn to play it.
  • Experiment with a capsule wardrobe.
  • Add a digital book checkout to your physical library use.
  • Repaint a room.
  • Downsize your stored items, and live more with less.
  • Choose a new exercise/movement plan.
An electric roaster full of homemade dog food by the author.

I gave making healthy homemade dog food a try. (My dog loves it!)

So forget about change, crossing gaps, and end results. What’s simply one new thing you can try this week?

2 Comments on “Change Is Easy: Here’s A Fun Way to Begin.”

    • I asked a group of people yesterday what’s something new they’ve tried lately, outside of work. Some responses were building a farmhouse table, attending an aerial yoga class, getting a reclining-style bicycle, and buying a family business. Wow!!

      I am drawn to playing the violin, and know that I will…one day. One action I took today toward that was to browse violins, for the first time ever. I even put one in my Amazon Wish List…! I think “one day” might be Christmas for myself? 😛


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