Own Your Truth

You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.  Brene Brown

Assertiveness: the individual dance of finding our steps between strong-willed and compliant. As both an overall approach and within individual settings.

Many of us have experienced the help of others offering encouragement for us to be more assertive when we’re struggling. They tell us we need to ask for help. To delegate. To let go of some things.

  • “You aren’t expected to carry this out by yourself. Form a committee and create team members.”
  • “You are working yourself too hard to accomplish this for our organization. Assign some tasks to stakeholders.”
  • “How about relaxing with me tonight? Just leave the laundry.”

…Until it affects them, that is.

  • “Sorry, I’m too busy to be on your committee.”
  • “Uh, when I said delegate, I didn’t mean to me…”
  • “Where are my pants?”


Disney's Alice in Wonderland facepalming.

Bert from Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie facepalming.

Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes facepalming

Statue of Jesus, facepalming.

Soldiers in tactical gear with palms covering one eye lens of glasses: Tactical facepalm, sometimes a regular facepalm just doesn't cut it.

Rather than try to make sense of others’ responses, just be aware of your own self. Hold your core.  Instead of blindly being the result of someone else’s own assertion.


Practice owning and standing in your truth. Let go of the outcome. And remember to not assert yourself merely selectively, in an effort to “spare” a particular someone. (You’ll discover that when you do that it oftentimes is at the expense of You — if you dare to truly  look at it.)

They can take it. And so can you. You’re worth it.

Assertiveness isn’t about getting in other’s faces. It’s not about managing situations to get the desired outcome; it’s simply about owning your truth.

What’s one thing today that you can own your truth about?

In the space between your thoughts, there is your truth

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