Transmuting Our Rants Into Raves


I love how many free video series are out there on a variety of learning topics! I’ll happily spend my time with many of these. The most recent ones I’ve seen in my email inbox teach about increased self-motivation, support for writing and publishing a book, and creating balance between work and home. Short and sweet, these video series share ideas and tools to further myself in any particular area of interest. I experience quality Aha moments because of these gifts.


I know, I know —  it’s a marketing tool. The model of four free videos dripped out in release over time has a predictable format: Three concepts with tips and tools and the fourth is a pitch to sign up for the in-depth course, workshop, or masterclass that follows. Yep. It’s a preview. A teaser. A crummy commercial.


Even Ralphie has Aha moments.

Honestly, I have zero problem with this. The video series infomercial is given and intended as a truly helpful giveaway toward a larger helpful product option-to-buy. I have never once felt like a lesser human being when I simply enjoy the preview and do not purchase or pursue further. However, I’ve noticed a recent trend that I do have a problem with.

Marketing has now begun to call these video series commercials themselves a course, workshop, or masterclass. Instead of the helpful information about the course, workshop, or masterclass that it really is.

This cheapens the deeper learning experience.

It’s like calling the college visit the same thing as attending the classes. How valuable is that degree or certificate? How much has really been learned?

This is the point where I realized I have a rant. Which, to be honest, is not where I want to live. So, feeling my way through this, how can I bring myself back? What light can I find in this situation to see through the dark that I’m blinded by?


Oh, there it is.

I can’t resolve the situation of who names what marketing ploys. But I can give my attention to the fact that they do it because it works — and the reason it works is a really good one:

People don’t want to be lectured to (commercial), but we do want to deepen our understanding (course). We don’t want to be presented at (preview), but we do want  personal experience (workshop). We don’t want to be told how (infomercial), but we do want guidance from respected experts (masterclass).

We are no longer interested in passively absorbing. We want to engage in creating meaning. So that’s where the marketers now start, not end.

The marketing has changed because people have changed. We respond to higher vibrations more, as a whole. In fact, we command them.

Now just watch and see how this concept plays out elsewhere for humanity’s goodness.

This, truly, is light.


Now to you — what rant or righteousness do you carry? I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just challenging you to find a way to transform it. Share in the comments below where you may be stuck, or where you’ve had your own Aha’s about it. Or privately journal, if you prefer. It’s because of sharing with you that I’ve worked mine out to where it is so far…

Buddy Holly Rave On

Rave On, Buddy.

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