Oh, holy snap!

I’ve been judging the judger. I’ve been complaining about the complainer. And I’ve been crabby about the crabby.

But I’ve also appreciated the appreciative. And I’ve been understanding of the understanding. I’ve also been tolerant of the tolerant.

Here I thought I was soooooo awake. When what I’ve simply been is a mirror. Unconsciously reflecting back what is shown me, rather than being aware.

The people in your life are mirrors for the parts of you that you can’t see. And each time you’re triggered, you’re being invited to take those pieces back and use them to become more whole.

Nancy Levin

What I really want is to be more conscious of myself. I want to react less, and respond more. I want to be fully aware of choosing, in each moment, how I wish to be in this world.

So now I’m going to practice appreciating the judger. I am going to practice being understanding of the complainer. I will practice being tolerant of the crabby.

Just thinking about this, of setting down my sneaky self-righteousness, makes me feel softer. (It also scares the crap out of me. How’s that for how entrenched and comfortable my ego has become?!?) I begin to feel more receptive, transcendent — both of my small self, and together in love with others.

It really is all about Love, isn’t it?

Even loving my small self as I practice overcoming it.

What would you like to practice? Is there anything scary about that? Choose to practice anyway, with awareness and love.

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