Happiness is a spiritual path


God, being Love, is also happiness. Our Spiritual nature, our one-ness with God, means that like Love, happiness isn’t something to be attained, it’s something to allow. And also like Love, it is for us.

Think about that.

Happiness isn’t asking for too much. It’s not a bonus, it’s our birthright. We get to be happy. Joyously, outrageously, boldly, dazzlingly happy.

If we’re not, it’s because we are not opening to full Divine Love.

Maybe you believe that happiness is arbitrary, a childish pursuit, foolish. A distraction from actual life. Or that wanting it is born from a sense of entitlement.

Hey, whatever makes you happy.

But I believe we are not here to play it safe.

We are here to be the light.

To shine our brilliance

To risk

To love

To spread our own joy.

laughing buddha

You get to feel good. What could make you happy, today?

34 Happy Films

happy kids

happy baby

life is good


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