Overcome, or surrender? Or is it both?

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In an effort to be more at peace (think about that one!), I have been considering my language. The words I use. For both my spoken conversation and my mental chatter.

For example, I like to think I’m pretty good at allowing others to have their own process, rather than expecting us both to arrive on the same path. And then. . . There I go acknowledging to myself how exhausting it can sometimes be to witness other’s choices.

So . . . I think I’m allowing, but how much have I surrendered to this, really? If I’m exhausted, I’m actually still plugged in. Still trying to overcome.

Which makes me realize that words have tremendous creative power:

Our words create magic. When we write words, we learn to spell.

— Claire Stone, The Female Archangels

In the end, how do I want to feel? Heck, how do I want to feel along the way? Do I want to feel exhausted, or do I want to feel restored? Um, restored, please. So what if. . .

  • Rather than hammer something out, I create.
  • Rather than conquer, I embrace.
  • Rather than tackle, I attend to.
  • Rather than command, I encourage.
  • Rather than accomplish, I complete.
  • Rather than be driven, I am purposeful.
  • Rather than make progress happen, I participate in the unfolding.
  • Rather than achieve my successes, I live my dreams.
  • Rather than have willpower, I have willingness.
  • Rather than hold my ground, I hold my center.

It’ll be interesting to see how this works. But at least I’m playing with it.

Which of the above made your heart sing? Which did you defend against? Each have something there for you.



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