Where’s my Grace, dammit?!?

Young Frustrated Exhausted Woman Laid Her Head Down On The Table

I’m way behind on laundry. My current work project is taking longer than I think it should. I can’t seem to get enough sleep lately. I’m desperate to see my dear out-of-town friends for a weekend. I’m only now realizing that I’m short-tempered more often. And dear God, can I just get a break?

So I catch up on cleaning. I give my work project my all, at the expense of my personal project. I go to bed early. My uplifting peeps and I share within an ongoing group text things that make us laugh so hard we pee our pants a little. I try to be more patient with my spouse, my dog, and myself. And more stuff still piles on and I’m still so frustrated and dear God, can I just get a break??

Here I thought I was taking steps to improve my situations. Yet it just keeps piling on. What in the world am I doing wrong?

Oh. It’s not about me.

Grace comes, because, well, Grace just comes.

It’s not about earning it. Grace is a gift, for each of us. It’s already available, it’s already here. Right now, in every situation.

I. Need. Do. Nothing. As Pam Grout says in The Course In Miracles Experiment, surrender the “good people” rules (Lesson 99), the idea of operating via If-Then simply does not apply here. As in,  If I do the things that “good people” do, Then I will deserve Grace.

I just watched a movie the other day called Mothers and Daughters. During one conversation (don’t worry, this is NOT a spoiler!), an adult daughter reminisced about her 9-year-old birthday wish: “I just wished to be good. And it never came true.” Her mother’s response? “But you were. Over and over.”

This one is a spoiler alert: you don’t have to earn Grace by striving to be “good enough.” You already are. Just by breathing.

Simply Receive what is already here for you.

A great reminder for me, too.

And now within everything that is going on for me, I am right with the world. Even when I’m not.

Of course, and thank you.

Where can you stop and tune in to your existing Grace, today?


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mothers and daughters movie

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