Take a news media break, today

It’s not about any particular news story, it’s about all of them. Every day is a newly-created news chaos situation by design, no matter what day of a year of a cycle. Same energy, different topic. As a species, we humans tend to allow these external glowing screens to create our own personal and internal […]

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Gratitude is not ignorance

Have you ever had someone tell you that in seeing the good side of things, you are actually ignoring what is really there? That you’re pretending, burying your head in the sand, sticking your fingers in your ears? You’re not. Here’s what you are doing:

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Activate Your Goodness

Activate Your Goodness: Transforming the World by Doing Good by Shari Arison is based on the premise of “think good, speak good, do good.”  This philosophy is explored at all its levels: individual, family and friends, community, country, humanity, and planet.  The idea that thinking, speaking, and doing good is a concept that works personally as well as in business […]

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