Take a news media break, today

It’s not about any particular news story, it’s about all of them. Every day is a newly-created news chaos situation by design, no matter what day of a year of a cycle. Same energy, different topic. As a species, we humans tend to allow these external glowing screens to create our own personal and internal mood, tone, and emotions.

I say, not today.

Today I’m turning off the TV. Instead, I’m intentionally spreading love. I choose to see the good. I’m focusing on connection. I am bringing it, from within — and I’m sharing it with others.

Speaking of sharing, here’s a piece from Pam Grout’s A Course In Miracles Experiment that I found extremely helpful for remembering what’s Real, today. En-JOY.


Violence is interesting, which makes it a great obstacle to world peace and more thoughtful television programming. —P. J. O’Rourke

Crisis, conflict, and violence are the prevailing themes of our 24/7 media. If a stranger talked to us the way newscasters do, we’d tell them to go jump in a lake. Likewise, if our partners and other S.O.’s made us feel the way headlines often do, our friends would line up for an intervention. “Toss the jerk out on his head,” they’d say.

Living in fear sells products, creates economies, elects politicians, and keeps the flying monkeys on the job. But it’s not the truth about the world.

Lesson 303 assures me collaboration, goodness, and love are the norm. It tells me that when I “let earthly sounds be quiet,” the sights to which I’ve become accustomed disappear.

To escape the straightjacket of the relentless news media, I simply change the question. Instead of asking “What’s wrong?” I ask the ongoing question that re-ups everything: “What’s right? What am I thankful for?”

Pam Grout, lesson 303, A Course In Miracles Experiment

I am thankful for turning toward what is right in my life. I am thankful for my dear ones, the roof over my head, and the love in my heart. And I am thankful for you, my friend.

What is right and good in your life, today? If that is extra-challenging, begin with a 3-foot radius around yourself and notice what’s present. Then gently expand from there — 6 feet, the room, the building, and so on. When it gets too far out there and you waver in your good feelings of gratitude, bring it back in to where you were solid and hang there. And just for today, consciously turn away from negative intrusions, and place your gaze on what is Real.

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