You’ll Get A Charge Out of This Story

Today’s guest writer, Janet, is a dear friend from waaaay back.  As in, back in the days of high school.  Which was when telephones had curly cords and were actually attached to walls.  Not so far back as rotary dials, though–push buttons were becoming downright common. Janet captures an unsuspected treasured moment with those in the same car, on […]

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Percolate: Let Your Best Self Filter Through

  Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino has crafted a very creative and inspiring book. She explores the corollary of self-improvement strategies through the fresh analogy of coffee: Allow for change to brew Choose a bolder brew Create your own best blend Grow from bean to brew Brew strength Expresso yourself Chillax and have an iced coffee Buy the next round […]

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Gonna be late, Mom–car on fire.

My husband and I were dozing in bed with our phones on the nightstands, only half-asleep until our high school sons returned home safely.  It’s common (and expected!) practice in our home to keep in touch by texting: they send a heads-up before they leave for home, we appreciate the respect, and they get to […]

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