You’ll Get A Charge Out of This Story

Today’s guest writer, Janet, is a dear friend from waaaay back.  As in, back in the days of high school.  Which was when telephones had curly cords and were actually attached to walls.  Not so far back as rotary dials, though–push buttons were becoming downright common.

Janet captures an unsuspected treasured moment with those in the same car, on the same ride, as yourself in Life’s Adventure Park.   Thank you for sharing, Janet. Legoland

Mom’s battery in her car died the other day.  She called me….not because I’m amazing with auto mechanics but because I’m the closest in physical location.  Said she had a battery charger and could I come over so that she’s not doing this by herself. Of course I said yes….not knowing a lick about how to charge a battery.  I don’t even know for sure how to jump-start one with another car.
I called my husband on my way and got the basics….black/negative, red/positive.  Fingers crossed and a Hail Mary and we’re good to go.
Mom’s and my first dilemma is that there’s a plastic cap over the positive charge piece.  Mom was sure it didn’t come off and I was sure it should because we needed metal, not plastic (I did pay attention in science).  Finally purely by accident I squeeze the cap and off it pops…. Mom was very impressed. 
We had the battery charger sitting on a stool and Mom plugged the extension cord into the wall.  I told her not to plug it into the battery charger until I put the clamps onto the car….black/negative, red/positive.  Mom was again impressed… so I had to admit that my husband told me on the phone. 
We now weren’t sure when the last time the battery charger had been used, and when Dad was alive he kept everything from 1902 on…. So when Mom plugged in the extension cord, we both scrunched up our faces and turned away.  Nothing.  Phew.
Now we needed to press the “on” button.  Even better, we both turned our backs to it, hunched our shoulders AND scrunched up our faces….and I pushed the button.  It worked…just like it was supposed to.  And no explosions.  Whoo hoo.  We were now professionals. 
Mom did point out that turning my back might not have been the best as my hair would have gone POOF if there was fire.  Then we discussed all the “hip” hairstyles you could have with no hair in the back and longer in the front.
After the battery charged to the green we unplugged everything and I told Mom she should turn on her car and let it run awhile.  She decided she should back out of the garage so that the exhaust didn’t come back in… good plan. I called my husband while she was doing this and told him we were successful, and that I had advised she run the car for a while. 
He told me this would work, but for us to be sure to open the garage door…  Really?  Like we brilliant mechanics wouldn’t have thought of that?  How insulting!  J  Mom and I laughed and laughed.
It’s amazing what odd little things give you a moment that you will cherish and not forget.

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