How To Get Unstuck

Be easy about it. Don’t rush into things. Savor them more. In all that you do, let your dominant intent be to find that which pleasures you as you imagine it. Let your desire for pleasure — your desire for feeling good — be your only guiding light. As you seek those thoughts that feel good, you will always be in vibrational harmony with the Energy that is your Source. And, under those conditions, only good can come to you; and only good can come from you.


We’re in the process of replacing our car. Looking ahead at the time, it was in our five-year plan to do so, and, well, that was seven years ago.

We’re not in Emergency Status, we’re just trying to do the responsible thing.  We’ve been peeking at stickers and in windows for about a year, mostly on Sundays (wink).  Lately we’ve actually test-driven different models.  And we’re doing the math, moving from imaginary numbers to real numbers. (car (squared)= 2 therapeutic chocolate shakes on the way home)

Did I mention car shopping is not fun for me?

I want to accomplish this task, solve this problem, complete this assignment, get my gold star, and check this box off my current To-Do List of Life.

Except that I also want to do it right, and by that I mean making smart decisions–which I am not clear about yet . This leads to indecision, inaction, and being stuck. When I’m stuck, I’ve lost my perspective and don’t know how to move forward. For what feels like far too long.  And then I go into overdrive on my mental hamster wheel of “I’m not getting done what needs to be gotten done.”

Sound familiar?

It’s a process that many of us resonate with–and I don’t mean the car replacement.  But going in circles, faster, doesn’t produce forward motion.

I know how to get unstuck.  And the reason I forget is that it’s contrary by nature.

Stop doing. Start being.

Yep, it’s true: to get things done when you’re stuck, stop trying. Let them, and yourself, be.

Marinate. Percolate. Validate. Gestate. Assimilate. Saturate. Permeate.

Really feel it.

You might think you are spinning your wheels, when in fact you are generating insights. Instead of creating frenetic energy, you are increasing potential energy.
Patience and Wisdom

And this time of being will produce calm, clear direction upon which you will then be able to act.  I promise.

You are not being irresponsible. You are creating authentic outcomes. Just on a different timeline, and–surprise!–with greater results. (Which, really, is more responsible anyway.)

Mindful inaction leads to focus in action.

Now breathe. Find the joy in it as it unfolds. You’ve so got this.

You know, exploring random cars is actually kind of fun! Hey, look what got posted on Craigslist today…

Hamster holding a sign advertising that his wheel is for sale!
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What Hummus, Planking, and Willy Wonka Have In Common


“What’s that?” I am repeatedly asked on a recent evening, as various family members walked by the kitchen counter and peeked through the glass-lidded pot.

“Chickpeas. Garbanzo beans,” I reply, looking up from the couch. I’d never noticed before how universal a confusion response is: one sharp backwards head movement, the snap of a corner mouth tug, a flash of eyebrows meeting. I wonder how often my own face flies into autopilot.

“They’re soaking. Overnight.” The confusion is now gone, replaced by an open smile of questioning.  “So that I can cook them tomorrow.  I’m making hummus.”  

And then I witness another universal facial response.  I’ll call it the “Huh. Cool!” Reaction. You likely recognize it: small head nods, mouth corners pulled back in a slight smile, eyebrows up. A nonverbal light bulb turning on. And my family members are not even big fans of hummus.

But they are big fans of me.  And being in the company of someone exploring their creativity is a happy contagion.

This time of year we emerge from our mental hibernation, stretch ourselves, and add movement into our days. It’s a time of expansion, action, and joy.

My husband is preparing to upgrade an existing wall with knotty pine tongue-and-groove boards. YouTube videos play regularly on his tablet, planks are stacked and staged on the office floor, and stain choices are being finalized. He is enthusiastic each day, and we get to share in the excitement.

My son is in the high school Spring Play and has rehearsal daily. In Willy Wonka–The Musical, he has successfully landed a role with neither singing nor dancing, and is thrilled. Plus, “Phineas Trout” is just fun to say. He comes home uplifted every day, and we get to share in the elevation.

It’s fun to see those you love follow what lights them up. Even if their topic isn’t your own personal gig.

And, it inspires you to act on your own creative hits!

Here’s a gift of a reminder to each of us, from Abraham, to follow our joy and expansion. Recognize and appreciate it moving through those you love, as well.

Follow what lights you up!

The purpose of your life experience is the joyful expansion that comes from the new ideas that are born within you. The expansion part of that is inevitable. The joyous part is about how well you are keeping up with the expansion.


Reminder To Self


It wasn’t until near the end of this spring phone call that I realized he was breaking.

A college student learns a lot about navigating life, with many “firsts” piled on at once.

But you know what? After hanging up, I realized that all of us flow through these seasons no matter our age. And the same encouragement still applies.

So wherever you are, however your life is unfolding, your angels (or God, or FP, or Higher Self, or cosmos, or universal consciousness, or however you choose to describe your partnership within your spiritual belief system) want you to know this:

  • I’m so proud of you.
  • You are navigating this roller coaster of Life incredibly well.
  • Wake up every day and say Yes to it. Even when it’s hard. Be very proud of yourself for that.
  • It’s okay to have bad days. And to call home with them.
  • Keep your eyes and your heart open.
  • You are giving it your best; it’s okay if it doesn’t turn out perfectly.
  • It already is okay.
  • You already are enough.
  • I love you.
  • You’ve so totally got this.
  • We can always talk again tomorrow, if you like.


Sunrise of hope
Sunrise photo courtesy of Maui Bike and Zip Adventures

Rejecting Their Reality and Inserting Your Own

Do more of what makes you giddy.
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I’ve been receiving rejection letters, and I’m thrilled!

Okay, so my writing hasn’t been accepted for publication–yet. But you know what? The reality is I’m giddy that I’m now regularly putting it out there!

I’ve busted through my block of “not good enough,” by the action of submitting pieces and letting them go. Not some day, but now.

Life is like a giant Share button: some will enjoy what’s offered, and some won’t–but the point is that I’m passing it on. Opening up beyond my own self. Participating.

The outcome of a finished product is not tied to the value of it’s process.

Comment and share about your products and processes! 🙂

The Internet to the Inner-Net

Book title, linked to AmazonThis book is not only a must-read, it’s one to be given to everyone you love. Or people you work with. Or both. Good thing the holidays are coming. I pre-ordered three copies to give away, even before I finished reading my gifted pre-release copy!

Gopi Kallayil integrates mindfulness into his executive position at Google. Successfully. Not on a monthly basis, or even on a weekly schedule. No, his work and spiritual lives continually coexist–actually, they energize each other–and he shares with us how to do the same in our lives.

This book is courageous, and yet at the same time gentle.  It declares new thinking, and simultaneously speaks old truths. It’s revolutionary, yet it’s old-school. You may have heard, as Caroline Myss teaches, but the Divine operates in paradoxes…

This book is for anyone. And everyone. You don’t need to work at Google to resonate with the practical message of how to fully and joyfully live in both your outer and inner worlds.  You can be either technically challenged or masterful, and your level of education or occupation matters not at all.  Because we all have our outer face and our inner soul, our Do-ing and our Be-ing—and this book helps us create and celebrate our whole, integrated selves. In spite of our professional and personal lives.

I received this book from Hay House through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review of it. Holy crap, it’s awesome! I’ve already thought of more people to gift it to than the three work colleagues already mentioned.