The Internet to the Inner-Net

Book title, linked to AmazonThis book is not only a must-read, it’s one to be given to everyone you love. Or people you work with. Or both. Good thing the holidays are coming. I pre-ordered three copies to give away, even before I finished reading my gifted pre-release copy!

Gopi Kallayil integrates mindfulness into his executive position at Google. Successfully. Not on a monthly basis, or even on a weekly schedule. No, his work and spiritual lives continually coexist–actually, they energize each other–and he shares with us how to do the same in our lives.

This book is courageous, and yet at the same time gentle.  It declares new thinking, and simultaneously speaks old truths. It’s revolutionary, yet it’s old-school. You may have heard, as Caroline Myss teaches, but the Divine operates in paradoxes…

This book is for anyone. And everyone. You don’t need to work at Google to resonate with the practical message of how to fully and joyfully live in both your outer and inner worlds.  You can be either technically challenged or masterful, and your level of education or occupation matters not at all.  Because we all have our outer face and our inner soul, our Do-ing and our Be-ing—and this book helps us create and celebrate our whole, integrated selves. In spite of our professional and personal lives.

I received this book from Hay House through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review of it. Holy crap, it’s awesome! I’ve already thought of more people to gift it to than the three work colleagues already mentioned.

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