Cause and Affect

If you were the country’s First Spouse, what would be your cause?

Historically, First Ladies have championed a cause. Pursued a project. Motivated a movement.

Dolley Madison (1809-1817), orphan care.
Mary Todd Lincoln (1861-1865), Civil War soldiers and recently freed slaves.
Lucy Webb Hayes (1877-1881), women’s education, Civil War veterans.
Lou Henry Hoover (1929-1933), athletics, outdoors, education.
Eleanor Roosevelt (1933-1945), equal rights, among other humanitarian and national policy topics.
Claudia “Lady Bird” Johnson (1963-1969), beautification.
Betty Ford (1974-1977), breast cancer and later, addiction/mental health
Nancy Regan (1981-1989), drug abuse. Just say no.

Now imagine yourself in their position. It’s January, and your spouse will begin their first term as President. The focus and flurry has been immense, and everything in your life is new. Just when you are beginning to breathe, a smartly-dressed team member with a clipboard turns to you in a crowded room and asks loudly,

“So. What’s your cause gonna be?”

Whoosh. (That’s your breath leaving your body.)

Fortunately, the majority of us can breathe again right now as we come back into our own reality. And if the one person who actually owns the above reality is reading this, she can breathe too.

You go, girl.

Because there is no wrong choice.

And we can all choose to support a cause that interests us, right where we are, with what we have.

So again, what would your cause be?

Here’s a fun, quick, three-step exercise to guide you:

STEP ONE: What lights you up? For example, my list might look something like this:

  • My pet
  • Goat’s-milk soap
  • Fresh eggs
  • Family gatherings
  • A good talk with a good friend
  • Snowshoeing

STEP TWO: What are possible larger concepts of your specific items? Continuing with this example:

  • Animal welfare
  • Sustainability
  • Food industry
  • Eldercare
  • Mental health
  • Healthy movement

STEP THREE: Pick one. What are actions you can take to support this in your life, right now? Some ideas for these examples:

  • Donate a bag of dog food to your local animal shelter
  • Make a homemade soup
  • Buy from a farmers’ market
  • Call your Mom/Dad/Grandparent for an extended visit
  • Read an uplifting article from Heal Your Life
  • Stand up and move on the hour during your desk-job workday

And remember, offering up a prayer is also a right action.

You don’t have to be in a privileged position in order to have power. Your actions have an affect.

You make a difference.

Now it’s your turn. Share below some of your interests. Unsure of what a larger connection could be? Looking for ideas on actions you could take? Ask for help and see what gets sparked in this safe space of comments, below.

You are the light.

A Salute to General Specific


Earning our wings


I had an Aha! moment about goal setting:

I am writing a book.  And a change I’m making to support myself as I begin, is to write regularly.  As in, every day. No excuses.

So when I wrote down my goal, my deadline, my vision, my focus, and my action steps (see the Hay House World Summit eBook, p. 25-26), I began describing these in terms of a daily writing practice. Because that’s what I want to be: attending to daily writing.

I felt really good about getting clear on the change I wanted to make.  And then BAM! Insight knocked me upside the head, and hard.

My goal is actually to write this book’s proposal. (Which is my Step Number One in writing the book.)

Now, a daily writing practice is certainly supportive and is definitely action I am embracing. However, it’s a wallflower around the dance floor of clarity. I still hide in safe generalities rather than identify my vulnerable desire.

Generalities are helpful for us as we explore our way to clarity. But staying there forever can keep us from our next level of growth. We remain in the safety of generalities so that we can prepare to step into our specifics.

When we focus our general bearings into a specific aspect, that’s when we get our clarity. Our Aha!s.  A direct line into our souls.

To  help me with this, I now picture my four-star angel–whom I’ve named General Specific.  A salute to her lovingly guides me from hiding in my general wants to owning my specific desires.

She will help you, too. She’s in the Service, after all.

What dreams and goals do you hold in your heart? How can General Specific help you move within them?


By grace, our wings are already given


A (Clear) Change Will Do You Good


Image from Clarity Is…Awareness


Sheryl Crow gets it. So do babies. Many of us fall somewhere in between, waiting for someone to come and change the mess of our making that we find ourselves in.

We are our own rescuers!  It’s not the new job, partner, house, book, group, clothes, friends, or anything else that will cause our lives to improve. (Although those awesome things can result–that’s a visit for another time!)

This is outstanding news, because it means we are choosing to hold our own power rather than give it away to outside people or circumstances. Who is really more invested in You than Yourself, anyway?

The first step to making a change in your life is to get clarity. This works whether you want to exercise more, say yes to only what brings you joy, eliminate toxic life elements (food, environmental, certain people, etc.), or anything else. Your change can be big like a superstar, or small like a newborn.

So let’s pamper ourselves with the following exercise designed to assist us in getting clear. Allow some time to really ask yourself these questions, and see what insights you receive. Record your answers, just for yourself–maybe in a notebook, on your laptop, or with a voice recording app on your phone. Let’s get clear and change our lives for the better! That will do us some good.

Discovering Clarity

I now see the desire of my truest and highest self. This, or something better. And so it is–thank you.

  1. What is the change I want to make?
  2. How do I feel about making this change?
  3. Why is making this change important to me?
  4. How will this change make my life better?
  5. What doors will this one change open for my future?

( Adapted from Hay House’s World Summit eBook, 2016)
For me, at this time I’m finally ready to study A Course In Miracles. What one change are you willing to explore? Please reply in the comments–our stories help each other. 🙂

100+ Free Inspirational Audio and Video Lessons

Hay House World Summit 2016

I’m so excited–the second annual Hay House World Summit begins May 7!

This is a free offering of audio lessons, videos, and movies by an extensive variety of experts in the field of wisdom, inner knowing, inspirational thinking, and flat-out upgrading your life.

Personally, I’m not going to miss the ones from Caroline Myss, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gala Darling, Kris Carr, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Christiane Northrup, Doreen Virtue, Gabrielle Bernstein, Michael Neill, Cheryl Richardson, Colette Baron-Reid, Gregg Braden, Rebecca Campbell, Sonia Choquette, Rha Goddess, Esther Hicks, Nancy Levin, Regena Thomashauer, Sophie Uliano, and the fabulous Pam Grout.

And I can’t wait to catch so many others!

Each week, beginning May 7 and over the course of 4 weeks, a batch of 25 sessions are made available. You get to pick and choose any or all that you’d like to experience, on your own schedule.  Plus, once you register you will receive helpful guides to navigate the summit in order to personally gain the most out of your experience:

  • eBook of worksheets, exercises, and additional resources
  • Summit schedule
  • Infographic to help navigate sessions by topic
  • Tips for personally getting your most out of the summit


Because I registered for free by May 6 (it’s still free after then), I received 4 bonus audio lessons from last year’s Summit:

  • Marianne Williamson
  • Brian Weiss
  • Deepak Chopra
  • davidji


I’m listening to the one by Deepak Chopra right now.  I know I experienced it during last year’s Summit, and I am enjoying its relevance all over again.

Last year was their first go-round with this, and I really enjoyed it.  Both the content and the format was exactly what I needed. (Of course–and thank you!)

SO–check out the Hay House World Summit 2016, it begins May 7.  If you’re reading this later than that, don’t worry–there’s no panicking in enlightenment! Give it a look and sign on when you can.  

And, if you miss it for 2016, there’s always this same time frame in 2017!

Looking at this year’s schedule, which are the top 5 offerings that jump out at you? Which one intrigues you the most? 


If this summit format intrigues you and you are tickled by the idea of healthy food and its sources, I encourage you to visit Stand Upon Grace’s post about the 2016 Food Revolution Summit.

Conscious Loving Ever After

conscious loving ever after This book by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks deeply explores just how much attending to our creativity creates a fabulous life, especially in our second half of it.

Midlife provides a beautiful opportunity for us to choose: am I going to settle into this life of comfortable patterns that I have created thus far, or am I going to play and recreate myself?

The layout of the book has a good flow. Chapters attend to both the qualities and tangibles of consciously choosing and expanding creativity: integrity, being fully  present, and overcoming fear share pages with sex, facing death, and online relationships.  Appendices provide activities to practice that build thriving selves and relationships. Further resources are also shared. The ideal and the practical hold hands in this book.

Although the layout and title lend themselves to a relationship manual, this book is also for singles. The most important relationship you can have is with yourself, and at its heart this read is about consciously creating your best Self first–which you then bring into relationship.

I recommend this book for anyone in midlife or beyond who wants to create their life on purpose, especially if you are either in a relationship or want to be in one. Between the concepts and the practices, you will be fully supported in your choice to play, recreate yourself, and thrive.  I for one am looking forward to my upcoming decades!

I received this book from Hay House through NetGalley, in exchange for my thoughts after reading it.