eBook and a quoted inspiration

Wahoo! The eBook of This Time, Glide is now available! You can find it where the hardcover and paperback versions are available:

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SPECIAL REQUEST: After reading my book, would you please post your thoughts in a review??

It’s easy to copy and paste a review to all 3 online locations, linked above! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And now, a gift of a quoted message for you today:

Feeling stuck occurs when the one who needs more rest and rejuvenation thinks its time to move forward. When its time to advance, nothing can stop you from taking each step. When rest is required, the grace of divine timing will counter any degree of forward movement and do everything in its power to halt your motion.

All the physical rest in the world may not seem to make a difference until your mind is given permission to rest. Once your mind has settled into a restful space, the body will receive a greater percentage of life-force energy to heal. Things that keep your mind active such as computer games or binge-watching TV rob the body of the life force energy necessary for restoration to occur. And yet, one of the most fundamental practices that helps the mind settle is listening. Whether listening to music, the sound of your breath, or the activities happening around you, it is the simple practice of listening that invites the mind to settle without trying to shut it down or tune it out. This is the heart of true rejuvenation.

All for Love,

— Matt Kahn

Rest easy today, my friends.

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