Working it over

The vacuum filter that I cleaned isn’t dry yet, so the vacuum cleaner won’t work; I can’t clean up the tracked-in sand. Both of us are drawing a blank as far as meals to plan this week; I can’t make an effective grocery list. The webinar recording isn’t loading this evening; I can’t watch that […]

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Maximum capacity

The other day my husband and I were watching some show, and one character says to another, “I’m thinking about retiring.” To which the other character, a work colleague, replies, “From WHAT?!?” And we laughed really hard and out loud together! Because who hasn’t been in the situation of comparing workloads in a given moment, […]

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eBook and a quoted inspiration

Wahoo! The eBook of This Time, Glide is now available! You can find it where the hardcover and paperback versions are available: SPECIAL REQUEST: After reading my book, would you please post your thoughts in a review?? It’s easy to copy and paste a review to all 3 online locations, linked above! Thank you, thank you, […]

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