Choose. Then choose again.

Louise Hay’s I Can Do It calendar

I’ve been “getting through” lately. This unending winter, oh ffs the ice hasn’t even gone off the lakes yet and everything is still mud. Living out of boxes, in yet another move as part of an extended transition. Chronic pain that is usually quieter has been yelling at me instead. I’m getting so mentally grumpy that I can’t even stand my own company anymore.

And so I choose a thought. Isn’t this exciting? Will the ice go out by Mother’s Day, or by fishing opener? Isn’t it funny to see a crow standing on the lake, with the frozen water so dissolving blue instead of solidly white?

And I choose another thought:

Yay, we are now in one place instead of scattered over multiple locations. Isn’t the lake pretty? And really, my deodorant is here somewhere, it’s like a treasure hunt.

And I choose this thought: Okay, body, you are telling me to slow down and rest. Thank you for warning me that I’m overdoing it — physically as well as mentally. I am grateful that you are looking out for me, I hear you now.

I remember that it’s not really abut our external situations. It’s about our choice of thoughts.

Choose happy. Choose joy.

Choose again. Again? Ohhhh… I actually chose the frustration, in the first place. Ouch. And yet, strangely empowering, that.

It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed. I am free.

Louise Hay

What would you like to choose, just for today? How about just in this moment? That is enough.

May the Fourth be with you.

And just in case another way of putting it is helpful, here is a golden nugget from Mike Dooley:

Here’s what I ask folks who aspire to being fabulously wealthy:

“Couldn’t you just pretend you’re a multi-multi-millionaire?

“You know, right after you’re done pretending you’re not?”


  The Universe

Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe
Mind. Blown.

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