Change your lens.

Self-help, mental wellness, and personal growth is awesome. I highly recommend it. And if you’re here, you’re likely already doing this. However, there is a sneaky part of self-improvement that many of us start from which is short-sighted. We view ourselves through the lens of seeing that something is wrong, and we’re trying to fix […]

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Sacred Vessels

So here’s the deal. If you make God your Source for all financial, emotional, and spiritual abundance, you open yourself to unexpected, unlimited good. Each individual person, place, or thing is just the temporary, transitory form the Divine uses to bring what you need. Tosha Silver,¬†Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead Isn’t this […]

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GUEST POST — Depression Success Story: “My Daily Recipe for Staying Mostly Depression-Free”

You may not have made a connection between spiritual practices and balancing or warding off depression. Then again, maybe you have. Depression is a human condition continuum that can range from a difficult day to a doctor’s diagnosis. If I tell myself that I’m not afflicted by depression because I don’t have a prescription, yet […]

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