Driving my day

Reality is a mental construct —

make yours joyful.

pam grout

I’m tending to my reality, today. Yes, I’ve got situations and circumstances — but what’s even greater are the qualities of feeling. And how we feel is very real.

Maybe today I want my reality to be, say, peaceful. So I choose this for my quality, which then comes to the forefront of all of my situations. Instead of focusing on my overwhelming task list, I put all of my attention on the one thing I do at a time. I am peacefully washing the dishes rather than frantically thinking about my upcoming meetings. I am calmly and fully present in the meetings when they arrive, making great creative progress on the projects, rather than just checking mental boxes and spinning up mentally about what I need to make for dinner. The expected Amazon delivery didn’t come? I don’t let it ruin my day. Dude cuts me off in traffic? I remember that it’s not a personal attack. (And seriously, so what if it is? I don’t have to bite back.) And at the end of my day, not only did I do the things on my task list, but I also felt amazing all the way through. It’s not only about our What, it’s actually all about our How.

When I make my reality peaceful, I move through my day with a relaxed nervous system as I still do the things that need doing. My situations may be the same, but how I feel is what’s really driving this tour bus called My Day.

I want my reality to be peaceful, today. Relaxed. Joyful. Regardless of what’s on my agenda for the day. And what I choose, I put my attention on. What I put my attention on, I become. And now I am it. I am peaceful, and I carry that through my day.

What do you want your reality to be, today?

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