Go, You!

I used to want to be liked. And I learned that pleasing others is exhausting.

Next I hoped to be accepted. And I learned that approval is insidious.

Then I desired to be understood. And I learned discernment is both a gift and a choice.

Now I validate myself. And I learn that authenticity is sacred.

If you have ever felt alienated when you are fully being you, remember this:
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Self-Improvement Is A Farce

For a long time now, I have seriously appreciated self-improvement books, courses, and materials. Sometimes I wonder if I single-handedly power this global economic industry… For example, I’m currently practicing how to improve my relationships (with friends, loved ones, money, myself) through clearing myself.

And then I had an Aha Moment. The kind that made me sit down with my disequilibrium while the world reset itself on its new axis.

Self-improvement is unnecessary.
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