A wealth of abundance

Photo by Michelle Leman on Pexels.com

I’ve noticed A Thing about abundance and wealth. Many of us spiritual types are all over the word Abundance, but we shy away from the word Wealth. As if money is somehow not included in abundance.

Abundance? That’s all about the qualitites of expansion, plentifulness, bounty, prosperity. As in, feeling abundant with love, friends, joy, and so on. The immaterial things we value and prioritize.

Wealth? That seems to just mean money. And that? That’s material. We feel we’re not supposed to prioritize the material, right?

What if we’ve had it wrong? What if abundance and wealth are synonymous? What if material and immaterial all are part of our Spiritual Whole?

What if we fully embraced the whole of our lives?

So here’s to looking at wealth and abundance anew. Synonymously. Need a jump-start with this concept? Consider this: we don’t easily think “An abundance of knowledge,” but “A wealth of knowledge” rolls easily through our brain.

That’s a great start to merging our mental and spiritual language.

Photo by Nitin Arya on Pexels.com

In this spirit, let’s explore a variety of ways that we are wealthy and abundant in our lives. Over the next few weeks we will look at specific areas of our lives where we can notice, appreciate, value, and elevate our gratitude for our abundance — and we’re going to stretch ourselves and call it all wealth.

I am exercising my appreciation muscles, and I am embracing my bountiful life. Would you like to join me?

We are rich, indeed.


abundant supply; profusion (Merriam-Webster)


an ample quantity of; profusion (Merriam-Webster)


well supplied; having high vaue or quality; meaningful, significant (Merriam-Webster)

A Rich Life is your ideal life. It’s one where you look around at your finances, your relationships, your ordinary Tuesday, and you say, “Wow, this is the kind of life that I want to be living.”

A Rich Life can be wearing a $1000 cashmere sweater.
It can be picking up your daughter from school at three in the afternoon.
It can be having a rule that says you tip at least 30 percent
or donate at least 15 percent.
It can be as small as buying whatever you want at the grocery store without looking at the price.

Ramit Sethi, via Tori dunlap

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