Financial wealth

RUPERT GRINT as Ron Weasley in Warner Bros. PicturesÕ fantasy adventure ÒHARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS Ð PART 2,Ó a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

What if we looked at financial abundance in a more expansive way? What if financial wealth is more than, oh, say, winning the lottery? Being a millionaire? Traveling the world, having a vacation home, retiring early, insert-big-dream-here?

Sure it can mean those things too, whether Right Now or One Day for us. But let’s notice where we might have financial wealth in a variety of ways, today. Here’s an exercise that is inspired by Tori Dunlap, founder of Her First 100K:

Think about yourself growing up as a kiddo. What are some things you thought that “rich people” did? I thought rich people ordered appetizers when they went out to eat. And anything to drink other than water. You know what? Today, I will order an appetizer if I’m feeling it. And although most often I prefer water, I will sometimes order a soda. Or, a beverage outside of happy hour without question or guilt.

The point is, I get to make these decisions based on my nourishment needs rather than on mentally counting my pennies in my head to see if I can afford it. (And yes. Yes, I have absolutely been there.)

Wanna know some helpful language around this? Change your mindset. I used to say, “I can’t afford that.” Then I changed my language (external and internal) to, “I choose to not spend on that right now.”

Mind. Blowing. Try it and see.

(By the way, it works for other things we spend, too — time, energy, attention…)

Another exercise we can do to help us see our financial wealth, today, is this: Ask yourself, “What is living a rich life?” And yes, we are talking financial richness today.

To me, living a rich financial life looks like occassionally picking up the tab for the group. It is buying the healthier groceries that I desire. It’s tipping my hairdresser generously. Donating to creators who freely share their work that I use. (I see you, Pexels!) Supporting people and small businesses that I believe in. Filling the gas tank fully — and maybe getting the car wash. Paying for the order behind me in the drive through, once in a while.

The fact that I can do these things periodically? That’s living some of my financial wealth.

How are you currently living parts of your rich life?

Financial wealth is in our lives, now. Right in the midst of our saving for the big stuff, too.

We are rich indeed.

lifestyles of the rich and famous Robin Leach poster
lifestyles of the rich and famous Good Charlotte album cover

Looking at abundance, wealth, and richness is about throwing away our lack-covered glasses.

Wow, my life is the kind of life I want to be living.

Your Own Self
Tori Dunlap with a handheld money-raining machine

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