Creative wealth

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Think of all the places in your life where you are creative. Wait, you don’t consider yourself creative?? Well… Respectfully, I disagree. You just may not have been thinking creatively about creativity. (And yet, you still are creative!)

Look around your physical space. Did you place anything there by choice? A throw blanket, a candle, a piece of furniture? Did you choose the wall color or type of material? Even your work space has your personalized touches. Do you have a favorite cup for pens and pencils? Maybe you’ve surrounded yourself with Star Wars Geeki Tiki mugs. Even if you don’t have a physical space, you do have a computer background that you have chosen — even if your choice is to leave it as it came…

Where are some other areas in your life where you can be creative? How about..,

Your meal prepping? Your choice of streaming media? Your book selections? Do you park in the same spot at the store, or do you shake it up a bit just for fun?

Do you ever solve problems, answer questions, or do things differently as each individual situation or person needs? (If you are a parent, a spouse, a child – adult or not – or are simply breathing, then this means You, too.)

How about the creativity it takes just to select which clothes you want to wear from your closet today?

Creativity for sure includes the big-ticket items such as art, music, crafts, writing, baking, sewing, felting, and other things we physically make. But it doesn’t have to mean only that level of creativity. Creativity is also the little choices we make as we move through our days, in order to make our lives happy and good. (Smoked salt on my eggs? Why, yes please!)

How can you make your life just a little bit happier and good-er today? (Check out that word creativity!)

Where can you begin to recognize the wealth of areas that you really are creative, already? Might you creatively expand on one of them, just for the sake of it, today?

star ward geeki tiki mug set of 6
author's computer desktop background, a photo of her adult children

Looking at abundance, wealth, and richness is about throwing away our lack-covered glasses.

Wow, this is the kind of life I want to be living.

Your Own Self
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