Mindfulness in the waiting room

Mindfulness is about being fully aware in the present moment. Sometimes we set aside time for this — attend a session, create quiet time, go for a walk. Other times it happens regardless of our lives happening around us — noticing our breathing while loading the clothes washer, looking into our dog’s eyes as we […]

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A simple daily practice for greater capacity of ease and joy

Maybe you’ve heard of metta, maybe it’s new to you. It’s a simple concentration practice in which we send lovingkindness to ourselves, and then in a series of expansions we send it outward to others. Said another way, it’s prayer. Try it along with me, here: I find that taking a deep breath in and […]

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Random AoK

  Just for today perform a random act of kindness.   And the thing about random acts of kindness is that they must be…well, random. Oh, and the one that you gift a kindness to is a whole other person than the one to return a kindness back atcha.

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