The creative power of words

speaking magic

Do you want something in your life? Harmony, appreciation, a new couch? It all begins with the magic word: Abracadabra.

Seriously. Here’s why:

Abracadabra is an Aramic term —  abraq ad habra. It means, “I will create as I speak.”

abracadabra spiral

This is a powerful reminder that we each hold our own magic to create the life we want.

If I’m overworked do I remark that, “I’m exhausted!” or do I say, “It feels good to rest right now?”

If I really want a hot tub do I say, “You know, pie in the sky dream,” or do I talk about how great it’s going to be?

If I wish for more love in my life, do I complain about others’ annoyances or do I appreciate what’s amazing about them?

Our words create our lives. Now go live some magic today.

Magic Wand drawing

magic heart


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