Everyday empowerment through thought

We already know that aligning our words with our desired outcomes is creating magic. By the way, that goes for our thoughts, too. Thoughts are mental words. What if we made sure our words always bless a situation, or person to whom we are speaking? Let’s express our thoughts and feelings, instead of sending spiritual […]

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The creative power of words

Do you want something in your life? Harmony, appreciation, a new couch? It all begins with the magic word: Abracadabra. Seriously. Here’s why:

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What’s Bugging You for Attention?

As spring gets closer and the weather turns warmer, we’ve had a lot of ladybugs in the house. I mean, a lot. It kind of happens every year, but for some reason this go-round feels extra-early. And extra-abundant. As I made my umpteenth trip to the window to grab and release yet another colorful,spotted, miniature […]

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