Mental hamsters into mindfulness

hamster gif

For most of my life I’ve had a hamster on a wheel in my head.

Can you relate?

In my process of self-awareness over the years, I can see how our relationship has evolved, this hamster and me:

First I befriended it. This was good.

Then I gave it permission to take occasional naps. This was better.
Sleeping Hamster

Recently I participated in an 8-week mindfulness class. Partway through, I realized something that absolutely astounded me:

The hamster and its wheel are…gone. When did that happen?!?

Holy. Wow.

From fighting to acknowledging to partnering to transforming. Although incredibly helpful along the way, apparently I no longer need that beloved hamster. Transcendence.

palm candle

What is your mental mayhem? Do you see yourself on your own way through a personal good-better-best? Where would you like to be, in your current process? How can you do one thing today, to move toward that direction?


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