Turn emotional lead into gold, like this:


The other day I caught myself reacting in my head in, well, not what I would in any form call a mindful, observing way. A thoughtless comment was made, I took it personally, and although neutral on the outside I was incredibly animated on the inside.

Bitmoji Image

Can you relate?

I know, I know — thoughtless comment, or misperception? Well-intentioned speaker, overly exhausted receiver? Chalk it up to poor timing, but there I am doing one-sided damage control in my mind.

And it’s times like these where “Serenity now” just falls flat.

am learning that it hugely helps to name my feelings, and honor them… But then what?

Try this for yourself,  I find it’s helping me:

  1. Identify and name how you feel. (At this point this is for you, not the rest of the world. Just saying.)
  2. Recognize the energy behind the emotion. Transmute it. (This means put it to better use.)
  3. Be a vessel of love. (For others. And for yourself.)

So let’s see this in action.

  1. I actually own that I am hurt.
  2. The energy in this instance is that I feel under-appreciated. Now, knowing that, I am able to give myself appreciation. I can think of immediate things to appreciate myself for — starting with my ability to not fly off the handle to the other person in this situation. I can also consider what action I can shortly take that would show appreciation to myself. A brisk walk? A piece of cheesecake? A song that I like?
  3. Be. A. Vessel. Of. Love. I have just released the other person from the responsibility of providing my feelings of appreciation. And, I consciously send them love. Which, actually, also fills me with love, too.

Transmute: Change in form, nature, or substance, especially to a higher form.

Resist a feeling or a thought, and that fuels it.

Observe an emotion or thought, and it is transmuted. It becomes naturally elevated, without any need to force a change.

And so have you.

You GOT this. If you want it. Give it a try.

The next time you are in a situation where you start to react, remember these three steps. Or at the very least, remember that there ARE steps to try. You are already beginning to transmute it.



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