Why the physical body doesn’t actually hinder the spiritual one

You’ve heard before that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. “I think/reflect, therefore I am.” Within this Cartesian split, I reflect that I am turned more toward what I think of as the higher, spiritual realms than what I have thought of as the denser, physical body. As if the whole purpose of […]

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Happiness is not circumstantial

Happiness is not circumstantial. And the only currency we have is gratitude. Nathan, S6 E11 of Alone Nathan was one of three remaining people in this recent season of the History Channel’s acclaimed series Alone. If you haven’t experienced this show, it’s about ten individuals getting dropped off in remote locations. The one who doesn’t tap out, wins. […]

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Follow Your Joy

I recently ran across a quote that I kept during a very difficult time. Over ten years ago I was a single mom raising two young boys, working full time while going back to school. It was hard. But it was right. It was my Truth, so I knew that I could get through it. […]

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