Why the physical body doesn’t actually hinder the spiritual one

Outline of a person, body, in space, streaming light

You’ve heard before that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. “I think/reflect, therefore I am.” Within this Cartesian split, I reflect that I am turned more toward what I think of as the higher, spiritual realms than what I have thought of as the denser, physical body.

As if the whole purpose of (hopefully a very long) Life is to overcome this temporary body stint and discover the way back to the Spirit, the Soul, that we Are. As if physical Life is a Divine puzzle to solve that we get to fully experience in order to find our way back to understanding our spiritual natures, leveled up.

I tend to consider my body as a condensed container-vehicle for my vast spirit, and I am aware that although immensely appreciative of the body I do place much more value on my spirit.

But what if I am missing the point? What if the physical self is not actually a distraction from my spiritual Self? What if fully immersing in the body, rather than overcoming it, is actually the path to becoming? The point, actually the way of spiritual leveling-up?

I think I’ll ponder and absorb. This time, while going for a walk.

A country road on a sunny winter day with snow on the sides, the author's German Shepherd on a hot pink leash walking in front of her, ears turned back toward her.

How about you? Does your Day-To-Day Life seem to distract you from reaching your Divine Connection? Or do the two flow as one? I thought I was already pretty fluid; apparently I’m experiencing another layer of depth with this.

Of course, and thank you.

hands in space holding the Earth, with a sunrise

Never let an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually




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