Work at Play

adulting like a boss

You are really, really good at adulting.

You work your fabulous job. You put nourishing meals in your body. You’re connected with and contributing to others — whether it’s a partner, children, a pet, a darn good friend, or an online community.

When was the last time you truly let go, just for a moment, just for fun?

Think of yourself when you were little, and when fun just oozed out of your pores. Likely this is before you began school, when your days then turned more regimented by default. Find a memory of a moment when you were completely, totally, 100% in the present, having fun. That’s what play feels like.

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Do This One Action to Instantly Rebalance

cartoon woman balancing on a line held by a live hand

I’ve been spending a lot of time on a creative project. When I’m not working directly on it, I’m mulling it over in my head. I even continue working on it in my sleep, considering next moves and possible results regularly in my dreams. It’s the kind of immersion where I figure I’ll cook tomorrow, I’ll save housecleaning for the weekend, and suddenly it’s two (okay, three!) weeks later with neither having occurred.

As great as my project is going and as much as I love working on it, being this focused also has it’s shadow. As an empty-nester, lapses in domestic upkeep have actually been liberating — but diminished eye contact and lack of regular connection with my husband does not make me feel fabulous.

Also, in being so deeply attuned to only one glorious aspect of myself I have discovered that I actually miss — the rest of me.

Have you experienced this?

There is a remedy, and it also works as a prevention:
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Meditation intrigues me. I’m a huge fan of it in principle, it’s just that I don’t always practice it regularly. Much like yoga, walking the dog, journaling, and writing — my other daily disciplines that I’d like to aspire to. And I always feel so uplifted after doing any of them, you’d think I’d be actively partaking in daily practices of each. The one I do seem to actually accomplish is berating myself for not regularly participating.

Aha–the word “accomplish” is telling me something, here. What if I relaxed about my doing and appreciated my being, even in the context of Things I’m Reaching Toward? I seem to equate doing with being — as in, unless I meditate daily, then I am not someone who meditates. If I want to be someone who exercises, then I must do this specific thing daily. Unless I produce printable writing daily, then I am not a writer.

Holy crap, that’s not how I approach others, why in the world would I treat myself that way?!?

We don’t have to be professionals, experts, to consider ourselves practitioners. It’s okay to practice. Dabble. Be a dilettante. Try, try again. We don’t have to be masters in order to participate. “Experiencing” sounds so much more enjoyable than “accomplishing”.

And if something is more enjoyable, then it’s something I find just happening more often in my life. Instead of having to schedule it, or make it happen.

So for today, I’m letting go of working these things into my day. I invite myself to play with disciplines, rather than bind myself by them. Our interests are meant to bring us pleasure, not become a chore.

In that spirit, here’s a meditation app and website that I am finding to be very helpful — and fun — for me: Ananda, from the Chopra Center. There is a library of options to choose from that combine relaxing music with meditation tracks, and more are constantly being added.


My favorite part? A daily combo that is pre-chosen! I just open the app, click on the Meditation of the Day, and settle in for ten blissful and uplifting minutes that make the rest of my day incredibly amazing.

How can you play with an interest of yours today? Please share in the comments. Your ideas help us with ours!