Do This One Action to Instantly Rebalance

cartoon woman balancing on a line held by a live hand

I’ve been spending a lot of time on a creative project. When I’m not working directly on it, I’m mulling it over in my head. I even continue working on it in my sleep, considering next moves and possible results regularly in my dreams. It’s the kind of immersion where I figure I’ll cook tomorrow, I’ll save housecleaning for the weekend, and suddenly it’s two (okay, three!) weeks later with neither having occurred.

As great as my project is going and as much as I love working on it, being this focused also has it’s shadow. As an empty-nester, lapses in domestic upkeep have actually been liberating — but diminished eye contact and lack of regular connection with my husband does not make me feel fabulous.

Also, in being so deeply attuned to only one glorious aspect of myself I have discovered that I actually miss — the rest of me.

Have you experienced this?

There is a remedy, and it also works as a prevention:

Add more fun into your daily life.

Not when the project is done, not even when it’s at a stopping point along the way.

Not waiting for vacation.

Not saved until the weekend.



Maybe it’s stopping to play with your dog for ten minutes. Perhaps it’s turning up the radio and dancing out that  song in the kitchen with your spouse. (Or with the dish towel!) Could be it’s grabbing your phone for a quick bout of Clash of Clans in the middle of the afternoon at your desk. All for no other reason than to momentarily take us out of ourselves and experience a full-body smile.

Silhouette of a woman joyfully leaping, widespread arms and legs

The more we make play and fun a part of our lives, the more balanced we become.

Excuse me while I go watch one quick episode of The Big Bang Theory.

Now over to you: In what ways can you add play to your day? Pick one fun thing to do for yourself today, and two fun things that you could do over the next couple days. Please share in the comments below to inspire the rest of us. See, we’re each smiling just thinking about it!

Did you like this piece of inner wisdom?  Are you uplifted? If so, share the ease and joy with your friends!

“Do it for the fun of it.”     ~Abraham-Hicks

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