Fortunately for You…

I love fortune cookies. Dinner divination, all wrapped up in crunchy vanilla magic. Sometimes they sit stale in my mouth and heart. Other times they dissolve with crisp clarity. Maybe that happens to you, too. But did you know that as much as we look outside ourselves for wisdom, it really comes from inside? Looking […]

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Dog Bucket Debacle

I  had assumed that in learning to step off of the hamster wheel in my head, life would have more calm and ease. That moving through life more mindfully means that stupid stuff doesn’t happen anymore. Nope. Not true. Case in point: I calmly and easily backed our rig over a 5-gallon bucket of dog […]

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How Much Happiness Can You Stand To Have?

I was recently listening in the car to a discussion on happiness by Dr. Robert Holden, as I was driving across the state. Because as happy as I am, I’m always interested in Leveling Up. An interesting exercise he shared was to complete this sentence: “One way I’m making myself unhappy is __________.” What was […]

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