Fortunately for You…

Open fortune cookie with the message, "To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid."

I love fortune cookies. Dinner divination, all wrapped up in crunchy vanilla magic.

Sometimes they sit stale in my mouth and heart. Other times they dissolve with crisp clarity. Maybe that happens to you, too.

But did you know that as much as we look outside ourselves for wisdom, it really comes from inside? Looking within, from that space where we hang out with God?

That’s why it’s called insight.

Like any oracle, the guidance is all about my receptivity and understanding. What I bring to it, from my experience and interpretation.  My lens of life. The message from the Tarot cards, the tea leaves, the Magic 8 Ball isn’t the answer, it’s simply the catalyst.

Open fortune cookie with the message, "Today, you will meet the love of your life. Or maybe not. I'm just a cookie."

We are the ones that give a message meaning. (Or not.) Therein lies the wisdom.

How about today we play with this? In the spirit of Pam Grout’s book, Art & Soul, Reloaded, let’s be our own oracles.

If you could write your own fortune cookie, what might it be?

Here’s a few of mine:


  • Do it anyway.
  • Increasing movement will bring you what you seek.
  • Release “achieve;” embrace “allow.”
  • You already are that which you hope to become.
  • The forever journey takes as long as it takes — but what a gorgeous way to spend a life. (Words by Rochelle Schieck)


Now over to you: come up with 5 fortunes you would want to find, cookie! Please share at least one of them in the comments, so that others can benefit right along with you.

Open fortune cookie with the message, "Your Message Here."



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