What Motivates You to Get Out of Bed?

cup of coffee with a butterfly in the foam. Good morning, have a nice day

Why did you get up today?

Was it because you had to, or because you wanted to?

Did you drag yourself begrudgingly from your cozy nest, at the last possible minute — again? Or did you fling the covers off, plant your feet solidly on the floor, and spring up to greet the day?

Did you moan, “Good God, it’s morning!” Or did you declare, “Good morning, God!”

How did you decide to begin your day?

Me, I like to have a good day. So that’s how I begin, from the inside.

Maybe you got up because you have to go to a job that sucks the life out of you. What if you got up because you could start creating your knockout resume today?

Could be you got up because your preschooler puked on her pajamas. What if you got up because you could bring comfort to someone who badly needs it?

Possibly you got up because you didn’t know what else to do. What if you got up because today you could discover some small joy to follow, even for a moment?

Getting up on the wrong side of bed is a choice. So is being annoyed by those who don’t. 

It’s only a habit. We can change those, if we want to.

Or don’t. It’s up to you. (But don’t expect others to join you.)

Either way, know that you have made a choice.

I got up today because I was excited to read one more chapter, snuggled next to the wood stove as the sun came up over the snow-covered trees.

Why did you get up today?  Is there anything you’d like to be different about that? I’d love to read your honest comments, below. 



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