You may be right

The other day I had a huge chuckle — that then shapeshifted into a really good Aha awareness! Okay, you are likely familiar with the idea of, “Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?” Me, too. And it’s a good one to spend some time sitting with. Then, I read Pam […]

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This practice agrees with you

As I practice periodic mindful sessions of being agreeable, I experienced an AHA about myself so huge that I had to sit down. It helped me make sense of and have greater compassion for myself, leveled-up. (Which of course is then also projected toward others.) And it’s regarding wanting to be understood, and people-pleasing. These […]

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Change your lens.

Self-help, mental wellness, and personal growth is awesome. I highly recommend it. And if you’re here, you’re likely already doing this. However, there is a sneaky part of self-improvement that many of us start from which is short-sighted. We view ourselves through the lens of seeing that something is wrong, and we’re trying to fix […]

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