Change your lens.

change your lens

Self-help, mental wellness, and personal growth is awesome. I highly recommend it. And if you’re here, you’re likely already doing this.

However, there is a sneaky part of self-improvement that many of us start from which is short-sighted. We view ourselves through the lens of seeing that something is wrong, and we’re trying to fix ourselves.

Allow me to share a new outlook:

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are not here to fix yourself.

You are here to expand yourself.

So by all means lets continue to learn about yourself. To grow. To become. To expand.

And see your journey through the lens of self love and self compassion.

After all, that’s how we are Divinely viewed.


When I first heard the words (in a self-help –oh, the irony!– audio by Matt Kahn), I cried. I had no idea that I have been carrying the idea that there is something wrong that I am trying to fix. Have you had a similar Holy Wow? Or did you feel this instead as gentle resonance? When do you most need reminding that you do not need fixing? When do you feel already whole the most?

2 Comments on “Change your lens.”

  1. So true!!
    I’m currently doing a professional life coaching course and the biggest thing they teach us is to challenge our clients limiting beliefs so they can uncover what they truly want. We forget that we have been programmed to think a certain way since birth and I think it’s important to open peoples minds so they can live fulfilling life.


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