The Everything Theory

The Everything Theory  A big Thank You to Rohan Healy–his review of Dianne Gray’s book The Everything Theory was my final cosmic message to go get this book!  (See?  People do make a difference for others, whether they know it or not.)

From the very beginning of Dianne Gray’s suspense thriller and all the way through, I was wonderfully overwhelmed with the feeling of being immersed in a hugely successful action movie!  If you are looking for a moviemaking opportunity, I highly encourage you to explore this author and her story The Everything Theory.

Luke Canning is a 17-year-old amateur astronomer who, along with a select few others, has discovered a 10th planet returning toward Earth in its 4000+ year revolutionary cycle.  Closely tied to this event are the connections of past advanced civilizations, their messages for the present, and how this relates to our future.  Understanding the information contained within archaeology, mythology, native tribal cultures, and more becomes crucial to the returning planet’s timing, and multiple entities are chasing Luke and his group across the world to end their lives for it.

Oh my gosh, I could not put this thinking person’s thriller down until there was no more to read!  Although I hugely enjoyed the digital version, when finished I promptly purchased the print version and added it to our public high school’s library collection.  This is a story that needs to reach many people–for its sheer intelligence as well as its literary craftiness.  It strongly elevates the reader’s head and heart, and is also a wonderful storytelling experience and example.  Again, if you are considering creating a motion picture I implore you to investigate this author and her story.

I purchased The Everything Theory by Dianne Gray at Amazon.  It can also be purchased elsewhere, including Smashwords.  Be sure to visit Dianne Gray at  I enjoy her blog, and am investigating her other books, too!

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  1. It’s awesome right! That’s so cool that you got a copy for your library, it’s really excellent YA fiction, that comes with lot’s of really cool information as well as all the action and drama 🙂

    I’m glad you liked it Gina!

    Take care, talk soon 😉



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