A Smart Cookie!

Our oldest child graduated from high school this year, and at his open house celebration we had custom cookies from Parker’s Crazy Cookies. What a fabulous experience working with this company was, I highly recommend it!!

Right from the start and at every step along the way, these people were creative, amiable, generous, and fun! They received a photo and returned a design, and after an enjoyable and very short tweaking process I looked at that drawing and completely saw my son.

Cookie design and the photo it was created from

Cookie design and the photo it was created from

The approximately 200 bulk, unbagged cookies I ordered arrived in fantastic condition, as they were packed with great care for shipment.  (These made it from San Francisco to Northern Minnesota, there is no need to be concerned about the shipping process.) Parker’s even threw in a bountiful amount of extra cookies! The vanilla cookies are absolutely delectable, with a gourmet flavor that will appeal to a wide audience.

Jake and his cookie doppelganger

Jake and his cookie doppelganger

Image of an actual custom cookie of Jake

Finished, yummy product

You simply can’t go wrong with these cookies–the flavor, design process, shipping, and overarching customer service are absolutely impeccable. My entire experience with this company was hugely enjoyable! On a five-star scale, I give it a seventeen and a half. 🙂

Parker’s Crazy Cookies is an incredibly personable and professional business, and I will definitely be back for our other son’s graduation!

This is a great idea for graduations, weddings, retirements, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, Tuesdays…. What other celebrations and events would be a good excuse to repeat this fun?

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